Pension and taxfree savings for US citizens in the UK

Product to suit your residency and citizenship

We can advise a UK personal pension plan and individual savings account that is designed especially for holders of US Passports.

Flexible amounts with no minimum

We advise clients of all sizes and wealth. From the shopfloor to the boardroom. There is no minimum despite being in a unique situation.

US tax efficiency for UK pension savings

The UK + US tax treaty, recognises a self invested personal pension (SIPP) as a ‘pension scheme’ in the US (like a 401(k) qualifies as a “pension scheme”).

Tax relief on contributions

Get 25% basic tax relief on personal contributions and highrate relief through seld assessment

Tax free cash on retirement

On retirement get 25% of your UK pension paid as a tax free pension lump sum. A tax treaty exempts the 25% tax free lump sum from being taxable in the US

A financial advisor to help with pensions and tax-efficient savings plans that are US and UK tax compliant.

Through Edale financial advice, we can offer US persons pensions and tax-efficient savings. 

Invest in compliance with UK and US rules

Few pension providers and tax free savings accounts allow US citizens. We can advise you and ensure tax efficiency.

Helping US passport holders with UK savings

We can help a range of American and American passport holdings resident in the UK.
  • Dual citizens
  • Americans living in the UK
  • Brits with American passports living in the UK

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“Excellent! Great advisor. Lawrie is a great advisor, he has shown us clearly and simply how financial instruments work and what options we have. He has dedicated all the necessary time and has been proactive.”

Operations Director

“My complications ended when I came across Edale”

Oil and Gas Engineer

“First class service. Have only been with Edale for a short while but so far they have been very attentive and demonstrated a clear understanding of my financial planning requirements. Very impressed.”

Director of Group HR

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