USA Residents and US Persons

Edale‚Äôs international clients may be US Person’s that need a simple investment choice and US tax regulation compliance.

Edale offers risk-graded US tax-compliant portfolios.

Through Edale financial advice, we can offer US persons access to an investment platform with the following benefits:

  • Invest in US equities, bonds and other flexible investment products
  • No fees to open or maintain an account
  • Minimum $25,000 to open an account
  • Cash access and management with VISA card
  • Data for UK tax reporting for income tax or capital gains.
  • Tax reporting for US with automatic 1099 forms for US Persons and 1042s for non-US persons
  • Economically driven cost per trade of $4.95
  • Financial adviser on hand at Edale

This service is available to expatriates living in the USA and also US Persons living as expatriates internationally.

To learn more call +44 207 99 35 360 or contact us through the form below.