Creative + Design

Managed creative and marketing services for public authorities and SMEs. An end-to-end creative design agency, providing branding, web development, illustration and strategy that's delivered with flair and personality.

“Working with you, splitting the workload”
From £100

Focusing on the critical work and creative gaps. The client implements some of the solutions in house meaning greater value and resource concentration on the identified needs and gaps. Can work in phases to match client timelines. Pay at agreed milestones.

Full throttle
“We do everything for you, within a framework”
From £2000

The full works where we come in and take creative up a gear with full service design, management, creative delivery and marketing. Full time resources and fees. Dedicated lead and creative 1:1.


Case study writing and visual output

High quality marketing collateral helps to demonstrate capabilities, evidence credentials, and support other activities. Edale’s writing and graphic design services are used by a variety of public sector business support agencies.

We write compelling case studies that show beneficiaries, how processes work, and outcomes are achieved. We interview the relevant people to understand the project, provide photographs and visual data. The content is wrapped in a smart professional design to meet your brand and style guidelines. We can tailor the case study to your specification ensuring project relevance and emphasise the important factors for you. A full package, just give us the details and we do the rest.

Writing approach

A jargon-free, storytelling approach to case studies, explain complicated concepts in plain English and simplify technical language so that the content is relevant and readable.

Experience: writing long and short-form copy for a wide range of communications. Key skills include storyboarding, interviewing subject matter experts, extracting, and writing case studies and evidence and creating eye-catching, readable, customer-focused documents. The content writer work with our graphic designer to create a masterpiece to help tell the story and communicate effectively.

Design approach

We developer a style to deliver case studies in a consistent, brand-appropriate visual way.

An awkward flow and layout creates a boring case study, so we use visual techniques to entice in and create impact. The use of pull outs and data graphics increases impact.

Experience: design of on-brand and new formats to ensure the highest quality impact. Artworked case studies have been used for marketing and stakeholder reporting.

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