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Top Floor, 15 Bell Street, Reigate, RH2 7AD, UK

There are two hours of free parking in Morrisons Car Park (22-32 Bell St, Reigate RH2 7BA).

Press the buzzer labelled 'Top floor' on the blue door between Chapel Cafe and Flint House.

900yr old office now home to Edale

The 19th-century facade conceals the shell of the medieval St Lawrence's Chapel built in the 12th century. Believed to be a chantry chapel it was a building on private land set aside or built especially for the performance of the chantry duties by the priest. Its purpose changed after the reformation to a commercial building. Internally the visible party walls of the house in the entrance hallway are very thick. Edale occupies the top floor of the office with a lofted ceiling.


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