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Financial advice for individuals

Guiding you towards a secure and prosperous financial future.

Financial well-being is our focus. Whether you need an independent financial adviser for a specific need or a full plan, we specialise in crafting plans around you. Our expertise spans a wide range of services, including retirement planning, investment management, tax optimization, and estate planning.

We help all types of individuals from:

  1. career starters to retirees
  2. shopkeepers to board directors
  3. business owners to rainmakers
  4. People in the UK to expatriates around the world
  5. Americans in the UK or dual citizens in the UK

Everyone gets a client-focused approach, focused on your unique goals and circumstances.

Starting out

Making your own decisions and managing financial affairs. Understanding important principles and getting a grounding in sensible financial affairs.

Independent life

Starting your own personal life into family life where financial priorities are balancing the books, protection and starting long term savings.

Mid life priorities

Beginning to look further out and shaping options to build towards retirement and planning for immediate family financial needs.

Later life planning

Planning your finances, benefit options, income generation, asset protection, estate planning and care funding.

Accessible experts – no minimum size of investment

Finance can be complex so we see our role in society to grow financial education and money knowledge, regardless of the size of a client’s wallet.

That’s why we’ve eliminated minimum client sizes, opening our doors to all. We can provide advice on the simple to the complex. We support individual to gain the knowledge and skills needed to make informed financial decisions. Whether you’re just starting your financial journey or looking to deepen your money management skills, or a specific need we can guide you every step of the way, because we believe that financial well-being is a cornerstone of a prosperous society. Edale likes to democratise financial knowledge and help people embark on a path to financial confidence and freedom.

Personal financial planning

Transactions without advice
Execution only

Deal fee + account maintenance

Edale as gateway to financial markets

Web tools and product information

Benefit from institutional partnerships

Whole service
For complex financial arrangements, working in partnership with other professional advisers
Wealth manager

Variable prices

Complex financial arrangements

Frequent 1:1 contact

Monitoring + adjusting financial plan

Access to the team at any time

Advice on request
For client’s needing appropriate financial planning and have a one-off need for advice with no ongoing service.
On demand

Pay as you go

One-off need for advice

See team via pay-as-you-go model

Advice on specific circumstances

Mandate driven by you

US Persons in UK

Helping Americans or US passport holders with UK financial advice

Business protection

Insure to protect your firm where a key individual dies or seriously ill.

Director pension funding

Business owners should create efficient pension arrangements for them and Directors.

Employee pension arrangements

Advice on and actively administering Employee Pension Schemes.

Improve business performance

Edale advice for scaling and growing firm through coaching, financial fitness and investment readiness.


Edale is an open and transparent business. So this question is always on new clients' mind. Independent financial adviser fees vary from firm to firm and service need and complexity. The table below sets out the standard industry fee model and our approach and options available. We also highlight the most common.

If you’re seeking general guidance on budgeting and/or debt management, free advice can be obtained from reputable sources such as the Money Helper, Citizens Advice Bureau or (if you’re over 50), the government’s Pension Wise service.

We want to build lasting relationships so reduce our initial fees to grow loyalty based on ongoing service delivery.

Initial Advice fees

Industry Standard Fees
typical adviser costs - please note, these are guidelines only.

Ongoing Advice fees

Industry Standard Fees
Typical adviser costs - please note, these are guidelines only.
Upto 1.5%


What our financial planning clients' say about us.

Well worth knowing.

I have known Lawrie for two years and have found him to be confident, honest, diligent and knowledgeable and a


Very good and most helpful

M Dunbar

Excellent! Great advisor.

Lawrie is a great advisor, he has shown us clearly and simply how financial instruments work and what options we


Most helpful Knowledge and guidance offered through generosity and sincerity. Deeply appreciated blue ribbon customer service.

I’m currently going through a divorce and was in desperate need of financial help and guidance. I’m a US American


dual US/UK nationality family

Lawrie invested a great deal of time understanding our circumstances (dual US/UK nationality family) before any recommendations were discussed I


First class service

Have only been with Edale for a short while but so far they have been very attentive and demonstrated a


I had a long conversation with Lawrie Chandler to explore the financial implications of moving my tax residency from the US to the UK. I found his knowledge of the pros and cons very helpful.

Some specialists in international relocation and tax affairs who will give only a short interview and are sparing in their


Very efficient and informative.

Very efficient and informative. Lawrie was a consumate professional and helped with my individual needs. Would definitely


Expert advice!

I’m teaching overseas and Lawrie gave me great advice on insurances and investments, thank you for all your


Comprehensive Financial Services by Edale

Edale prides itself on offering a comprehensive suite of financial services that cater to all your needs under one roof. Unlike traditional Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs), who often outsource key components of financial planning and management, we handle everything in-house. This allows us to maintain a high level of control, quality, and personalization in the services we provide. Here's a detailed comparison of our services versus those typically offered by traditional IFAs:

Client Step Edale Traditional IFA
We assist clients in finding the right financial products and services that match their needs and goals.
Our consultations are tailored to understand clients' financial situations, goals, and concerns.
We conduct a thorough analysis of clients' financial needs to provide personalized advice.
Our expert financial advisors provide tailored advice to help clients achieve their financial goals.
We assess clients' risk tolerance to recommend suitable investment strategies.
✘ Outsourced to investment group
Our in-house team profiles investments to ensure they align with clients' goals and risk tolerance.
✘ Outsourced to investment group
We conduct thorough research and selection of investment options internally to offer the best choices.
✘ Outsourced to investment group
Our team develops personalized investment strategies to meet clients' financial objectives.
✔ or ✘ IFA does or outsource to investment group
We implement investment strategies directly, ensuring seamless and efficient execution.
✔ or ✘ IFA does or outsource to investment group
We select the most suitable investment wrappers and platforms to optimize clients' portfolios.
✔ or ✘ IFA does or outsource to investment group
Our team regularly rebalances portfolios to maintain the desired asset allocation.
✔ or ✘ IFA does or outsource to investment group
We provide comprehensive and transparent reporting to keep clients informed about their investments.
Regular reviews are conducted to ensure that clients' financial plans remain on track.
We offer ongoing advice to address any new financial challenges or opportunities that arise.
Our proactive approach ensures clients receive continuous support and guidance for their financial well-being.
We assist with tax reporting, providing the necessary data to simplify clients' tax filings.

Financial Advice Process


Step 1: Initial Discovery Meeting

Discuss your financial situation, aspirations, risk tolerance, and existing financial products. Option to proceed further.


Step 2: Research to Find Suitable Investment Options

Researching market to identify solutions tailored to your needs, considering personal and tax status, and existing arrangements.


Step 3: Providing Reports, Financial Health Checks & Forecasts

Prepare a financial report, overview of your financial circumstances, and additional specific reports if needed.


Step 4: Recommendation of Specific Investment Products

Recommend investment products and providers, including cost illustrations in a suitability report.


Step 5: Implementation

Arrange and register your chosen investments, services, and policies.


Step 6: On-going Planning

Periodic reviews and annual planning meetings to ensure strategy and products meet your requirements. Fee-based on portfolio value.

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