Edale operates a flat structure to support the business and ensure the core focus is on the client goal.


Lawrie Chandler

Lawrie manages the investment unit and development of Edale. Lawrie has spent nearly two decades working on investment management in the UK and overseas. He has been involved with many transformation projects and building growth products for groups across the UK, South Africa and the Middle East. A strong technician on investments and with a flair for creative solutions he has helped many clients' achieve their objectives quickly and smoothly.

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Adrian Durrant

Adrian works with management providing strategic advice and guidance on taking the business to the next level. He has spent over three decades in strategic, financial and engineering roles. He was a founding member of eHedge, a German based institutional hedge fund research and due diligence business. His fund research and due diligence for a FTSE life company identified fraudulent flags in a large hedge fund operation well before its demise. He has a strong knowledge on international finance from work in the UK, Netherlands, Germany and South Africa.

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Topic specific Advisory Panels in the company bring together industry experts and practitioners to examine resources and make more informed business decisions. The independent Investment Advisory Panel (IAP) meets once a month to debate the issues that inform our investment outlook. The regular members are experienced professionals and complemented by other specialists, depending on the important issues of the day.

Jason Kabel

Jason has more than 15 years of asset management experience focusing on Money Market and Fixed Income products. He was Head of Fixed Income at Bank of London and the Middle East plc from October 2008. Prior to BLME he was a Fund Manager of Money Markets at Foreign & Colonial, within the Credit team.

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Anthony Corbett

Anthony designed the investment process for the Islamic Bank of Britain Discretionary Portfolio Service in 2009 and has been running Islamic portfolios since January 2010 for this product.

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