Improve the service and management of your existing investment plan

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Changing adviser
Reviewing portfolio
'Embrace' Edale

No Adviser. Poor adviser. Changing Adviser.
Policy not performing. Need a review. Circumstances changed.

Edale can assist

A wealth boutique focusing on investments

Edale is a wealth boutique focusing on investments and investment-related services for investment firms, entrepreneurs, business leaders and builders as well as private clients.

We focus on monitoring, managing & caring for financial assets.

On track to your goal?

Lots of clients investing in expat or international saving's plan want to ensure they are heading towards their financial goal.

Circumstances change and maybe you've not heard from your adviser since starting the policy. Are you holding the correct investments in your portfolio?

Edale is a globally aware investment boutique. We can now help private client's to get more from their existing plans by providing long-term management and effective maintenance of your savings plan.

Lots of controversy surrounds insurance savings plans from Generali, RL360, Hansard, Friends Provident International, Old Mutual (Royal Skandia) and others. These issues frequently start where a plan was not fully explained. A 20-year saving's plan requires commitment close to these length and also maintaining the minimum contribution agreed at outset. Reading a valuation a short way into the investment period or stopping contributions ( where charges are linked to the initial premium ) can have a detrimental impact on the exit value. We can help you understand these products and ways to improve the outcome.

If your regular savings plan is not growing to the scale you expect or longterm commitment needs to change due to your circumstances we can help.

Edale's Embrace strategy aims help clients improve the outcome where they have a regular or lump sum unit linked savings plan.


One click to contact us for a no obligation chat

Supporting your plan

Edale are  happy to take over management of your plan.

There is no transfer costs to switch to us.

What we will do
Make things easy to understand

Be available for when you need us

Diversify your investments

Frequent reviews

What we won't do
Disappear with no trace

Leave you confused or unclear

Use exotic investments

Not listen to you

Plans we can service

We can support regular and lump sum savings plans servicing you and updating on progress.
Additionally we can invest you in to a suitable investment strategy matched to your risk profile.

Regular savings

Model portfolios and risk-profiling

Linking you to a model portfolios built from the limited range of funds in the wrapper

Lump sum

Investment advisory

Investment selection and advice from across a wide investment universe


Best International Practice in Asset Management/Life Products/Bonds
<p>International Fund & Product Awards 2017</p>
Best Best-Practice in Offshore
<p>International Fund & Product Awards 2017</p>
Finalist best new entrant
<p>Sustainable Investment Awards 2016</p>
Best International Practice
<p>International Fund & Product Awards 2016</p>
Best Asset Management House in Europe
<p>International Takaful Awards 2015</p>
Best fund of funds
<p>MENA Fund Manager Awards 2015</p>
Corporate Social Responsibility
<p>Investment Marketing and Innovation Awards 2015</p>

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