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Calculator to answer “Do I need to report my ISA to the IRS?”

The calculator breaks down the complex U.S. tax reporting rules into manageable questions, making it easier for you to understand your obligations without needing to navigate the intricate IRS guidelines. We have tried to simplify but individual circumstances and important and tax rules may change before we can update this calculator so its guidance only, not advice.

How This Calculator Can Help You

Tailors Advice to Your Specific Situation: By taking into account your specific financial situation, residency, and filing status, the calculator provides personalized advice on which IRS forms you might need to file, helping you to avoid both under-reporting and unnecessary paperwork.

Saves Time and Reduces Errors: Determining which tax forms you need to file can be time-consuming and prone to errors. This calculator streamlines the process, offering quick and accurate guidance based on the latest tax reporting requirements.

Educates on Cross-Border Tax Obligations: The calculator not only advises on reporting requirements but also educates users on the implications of holding UK ISAs as a U.S. taxpayer, raising awareness about cross-border tax obligations and planning.

Encourages Professional Consultation: While the calculator provides a preliminary assessment of your filing needs, it also underscores the importance of consulting with a tax professional. This ensures that your unique circumstances are thoroughly evaluated and that you remain compliant with all tax laws.

US Tax Reporting Requirements for UK ISA

this simple form helps guide you through the needs for ISA tax reporting based upon current rules.

US Tax Reporting Requirement Check for UK ISA Holders

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