One of the best funding presentations I’ve attended

It was probably one of the best funding presentations I’ve attended – focused, niched, lots of practical implementation advice – people just don’t know what they miss sometimes when they don’t attend.

Edale ran our series of co-creation workshops. They drove the project expertly, building trust with attendees and exceeding the objectives we initially set ourselves.

We chose Edale to facilitate and guide our series of co-creation workshops. The workshops brought not only businesses, but nature organisations and local authorities together. As a local authority, we wanted to be part of the workshop attendees, and build trust with a bottom up approach. Edale were attentive, listened and adapted to the audience. This built trust, and enable a safe space for attendees to discuss ideas and develop their business models.

Not only did this help exceed our initial objectives, it also created an opportunity for professional development internally, as we learnt from Edale’s techniques and through the workshops, became more business proficient ourselves.

Special mention should go to Edale’s ability to adapt and work flexibly around COVID 19 disruption to our face to face events. We were able to adapt our agreed workplan and move online exclusively.

We would recommend working with Edale!

It was great…

It was great working with Edale over the last couple of months, it helped me focus on the many different aspects of my business.

Great meetings, hosted by Adrian the peer group was well balanced and provided plenty of feedback and food for thought

The peer review worked very well for me, with some real nuggets of quick wins that could be made to my business. The group were also able to give a little lift to each week and give me the mental push to get on with things ready for imminent re-opening. The outcomes of this for me personally were 1) to have an organised plan and way forward 2) the contacts I have made as part of the group and will ensure visiting in the future, once we are all able to.

A very professional approach.

All information on our meetings were well prepared – a lot of thought has gone into them.
A lot of information was covered in each session, which will be of immense help in the future.

Edale have transformed my business idea into a model that can be made a reality, they are amazing at what they do!

I went to Lawrie with an idea for a business, which some would say was unrealistic, but Lawrie helped me with a business plan/model to give my idea some perspective and then we went through a financial plan together, crunching all the numbers to see how the business would make a profit.

Before my sessions with Lawrie, I had all the ideas floating around in my head but didn’t have the knowhow to start turning it into a reality which is what Lawrie has helped me do. I now have a strong business and financial plan to work with and can start to get things moving.

Lawrie really has helped me take my business to the next level and I can’t thank him enough, his vast range of knowledge is just amazing and I can’t see any business he wouldn’t be able to help. As well as that he is a really nice guy, I could tell he genuinely cared about me and my business and but all his efforts into helping me succeed.

I would recommend Lawrie and Edale to anyone without a doubt!

The best hour of support ever!

I was fortunate enough to be supported by Lawrie with associate contracting and resources.
It was without a doubt, the best hour’s support I’ve had! Lawrie was knowledgeable, clear and efficient, both in the design and delivery of my associate framework.
I can now move forward with confidence and look forward to working with Edale again!

Lots of great material and advice.

Lawrie was excellent at steering us in the right direction, he listened carefully and really got under the skin of our bsuiness model to ensure he gave sound, constructive advice.