Edale ran our series of co-creation workshops. They drove the project expertly, building trust with attendees and exceeding the objectives we initially set ourselves.

We chose Edale to facilitate and guide our series of co-creation workshops. The workshops brought not only businesses, but nature organisations and local authorities together. As a local authority, we wanted to be part of the workshop attendees, and build trust with a bottom up approach. Edale were attentive, listened and adapted to the audience. This built trust, and enable a safe space for attendees to discuss ideas and develop their business models.

Not only did this help exceed our initial objectives, it also created an opportunity for professional development internally, as we learnt from Edale’s techniques and through the workshops, became more business proficient ourselves.

Special mention should go to Edale’s ability to adapt and work flexibly around COVID 19 disruption to our face to face events. We were able to adapt our agreed workplan and move online exclusively.

We would recommend working with Edale!

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