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Here2Help Marketing + Communications

Worcestershire County Council Here2Help Business programme in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Extended due to lockdowns and runs to July 2021.

A £3m programme designed to assist local Worcestershire Businesses to recover, adapt, develop and support future resilience as lockdown measures reduce.

Specialist advice and guidance direct to a business on things you need in marketing.

Our creative lead helping you in branding, marketing materials, social media and all things marketing.

Pick the support you want

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Advice clinic

1-3 hours

For a simple question or need. Rapid fire advice.

Live design

1/2 day+

We design assets with you and share tips.

Project support

1-6 days

Specialist help on marketing projects.

Eligibility only for Worcestershire based enterprises and sole traders.

Advice Live Design & Consultation
Quick win one to one advice for all Worcestershire businesses.

We provide two options for advice clinics:

Ask the Marketing Expert

The ask the expert is a 1:1 session to give you the opportunity to ask a marketing or communication question on your enterprise to our expert to get it answered directly and then developed a plan to implement marketing and communication best practices. 

Marketing Checkup

The Marketing Checkup is a guided 1:1 to evaluate your marketing, evaluate goals and strategies, monitor results, identify risks and challenges, and suggest changes. We conduct the checkup looking at your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges. We go through various steps to maximise the value of the time and develop outcomes for you.

In-depth, one to one support directly linked to the strategic agenda of the business and to help you get going after lockdowns.

Live Design

The live design and consultations are longer sessions to address more complex longer-term considerations or marketing methods which may require a shift in your business model and operations to build business resilience.

We can provide live design assistance to show you how to design marketing materials or assets and use a library of marketing aids to ensure you get marketing collateral that’s on brand, on message and in tune with your customers.

The live design studies can help you with:

  • Social media banners
  • Brochures
  • Adverts
  • Templates for your documents
  • Presentation
  • Brand guidelines
  • And so much more

There is an application form for the Consultations that requires information on your business. The form should take 5-10 minutes to complete.

Book your 1 hour marketing clinic

All Clinics are now used up and no longer available. Consulting days remain available.

Book your consulting time

Download the application form and complete send to

Edale UK Management Limited is an appointed supplier to Worcestershire County Council for the Here2Help business adapt scheme. Visit the official Worcestershire Country Council page at to see Edale is an authorised and appointment supplier.

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