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Worcestershire County Council has launched our new Here2Help Business programme in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A £3m programme designed to assist local Worcestershire Businesses to recover, adapt, develop and support future resilience as lockdown measures reduce.

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Quick win one to one advice for all Worcestershire businesses.
In-depth, one to one support directly linked to the strategic agenda of the business and to address more complex longer-term considerations which may require a shift in the business model and operations to build business resilience.
Interactive presentations and workshops available to all businesses located in Worcestershire exploring the most pertinent issues that have arisen as a result of COVID-19. They aim to provide initial advice and tips to support the recovery and restart phase and also to plan to build the business for the future.

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We provide two options for advice:

Ask the Marketing Expert

The ask the expert is a 1:1 session to give you the opportunity to ask a marketing or communication question on your enterprise to our expert to get it answered directly and then developed a plan to implement marketing and communication best practices. 

Marketing Checkup

The Marketing Checkup is a guided 1:1 to evaluate your marketing, evaluate goals and strategies, monitor results, identify risks and challenges, and suggest changes. We conduct the checkup looking at your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges. We go through various steps to maximise the value of the time and develop outcomes for you.

Eligibility as a Worcestershire based enterprise is required by putting information on your business in the additional notes field.

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Edale UK Management Limited is an appointed supplier to Worcestershire County Council for the Here2Help business adapt scheme. Visit the official Worcestershire Country Council page at to see Edale is an authorised and appointment supplier.