Global multi-asset fund focusing on ethical and sustainable assets


Investment objective

The objective of the Fund is to achieve long-term capital appreciation by investing in units/shares of  UCITS, other UCIs and/or Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).


  • Globally diversified managed portfolio. Seeks steady capital growth.
  • Active macro asset allocation with bottom-up fund selection.
  • Active research and security analysis.
  • Buys actively managed funds and passive investment strategies.
  • Invests in Sukuk, Ijara, Wakala and physical commodities.
  • Domiciled and regulated in Luxembourg.


Strategy Performance

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Asset Allocation

Geographical allocation
industry allocation
Asset weightings
industry allocation
Types of assets held
industry allocation



Key Documents

Factsheets and sales aids

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Fund Identifiers

Currency Share class AMC SEDOL ISIN CitiCode
EUR C 0.85% BT6SQP7 LU1061045909 KKJK
GBP C 0.85% BT6SQQ8 LU1061045818 KKJJ
USD C 0.85% BT6SQR9 LU1061046030 KKJL
EUR R 1.35% BT6SQT1 LU1061046204 KKJN
GBP R 1.35% BT6SQS0 LU1061046113 KKJM
USD R 1.35% BT6SQV3 LU1061046386 KKJO
Liquidity Weekly on Wednesday
Structure / Domicile SICAV / Luxembourg
Management Company Twenty First Capital
Administrator and TA Societe Generale Bank and Trust
Custodian Societe Generale Bank and Trust

If you require more information please call +44 207 99 35 360 or use contact form.