Salam Pax Ethical Fund of Funds

Global multi-asset fund focusing on ethical and sustainable assets


Investment objective

The objective of the Fund is to achieve long-term capital appreciation by investing in units/shares of  UCITS, other UCIs and/or Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).


  • Globally diversified managed portfolio. Seeks steady capital growth.
  • Active macro asset allocation with bottom-up fund selection.
  • Active research and security analysis.
  • Buys actively managed funds and passive investment strategies.
  • Invests in Sukuk, Ijara, Wakala and physical commodities.
  • Domiciled and regulated in Luxembourg.


Strategy Performance

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Asset Allocation

Geographical allocation
industry allocation
Asset weightings
industry allocation
Types of assets held
industry allocation


Key Documents

Factsheets and sales aids


Fund Identifiers

Currency Share class AMC SEDOL ISIN CitiCode
EUR C 0.85% BT6SQP7 LU1061045909 KKJK
GBP C 0.85% BT6SQQ8 LU1061045818 KKJJ
USD C 0.85% BT6SQR9 LU1061046030 KKJL
EUR R 1.35% BT6SQT1 LU1061046204 KKJN
GBP R 1.35% BT6SQS0 LU1061046113 KKJM
USD R 1.35% BT6SQV3 LU1061046386 KKJO
Liquidity Weekly on Wednesday
Structure / Domicile SICAV / Luxembourg
Management Company Twenty First Capital
Administrator and TA Societe Generale Bank and Trust
Custodian Societe Generale Bank and Trust

If you require more information please call +44 207 99 35 360 or use contact form.

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