Wealth Curation

Edale’s wealth practice provides advice and guidance on all elements concerning investment; from establishing portfolios, picking securities and funds, monitoring investments through to caring for accumulated wealth.

These services are available to wealthy individuals as well as fiduciaries, wealth holders, trustees, accountants and international employers.

Assets these days involve more than discretionary portfolios. Illiquid and more complex assets are now commonplace. It is difficult to monitor and assess assets purely watching cash, bonds, equities and alternatives; you need to consider all assets. 

Edale’s wealth curation services assesses and monitors all assets not just capital market instruments, this is attractive for fiduciaries and advisers needing to care for their clients investments. If you are interested to discuss your wealth matters and needs with Edale please contact us.

Wealth /wɛlθ/

Curate /kjʊ(ə)ˈreɪt/

Noun An abundance of value held in possessions or money

Verb Select, organize & present typically using professional/ expert knowledge



Edale maintains relationships with service providers in banking, insurance and investment management.
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