Reporting fund status & UK Facility Agent

Certain share classes of Edale’s Fund inc sharia compliant Salam Pax SICAV have elected to be ‘Reporting Funds’ for UK tax purposes.

If you invest in a share class in a fund which has ‘Reporting Fund’ status, you will need to review the yearly information posted here and include the relevant details on your UK tax return.

Please bookmark this page to review the latest Reporting Fund status information and a list of which share classes within fund ranges currently have “Reporting Fund” status.

If you would like more information, please contact us.

‘Reporting Funds’ for UK

Name Share class Currency Share Type ISIN HMRC Share Class Ref No.’s
Serenity Sukuk C GBP Accumulation LU1107566231 S0201-0002
Serenity Sukuk C GBP Income / distribution LU1107566587 S0201-0001
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How to use the reportable income information posted on this page
UK taxable investors who hold shares in the fund as at the last day of the fund’s accounting period are required to look up the reportable income on this website and include it in their UK tax return.

The reportable income calculation includes the dates and amounts per share of all distributions paid during the fund’s accounting period. To the extent that the fund’s reportable income exceeds the amount actually distributed, there will be an additional deemed distribution of income (called “excess reportable income”). The date this income is deemed to have been received by the investor is called the “fund distribution date” and is always six months after the fund’s accounting year end.

Thus, if the fund year end is 31 May 2011, an investor holding shares at 31 May 2011 should refer to this website for their reportable income information. This reportable income is deemed to be received on 30 November 2011 ie six months after the year end, and should be included in the investor’s tax return for 2011/2012.

In connection with the Company’s recognition under section 264 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (“FSMA”), the Management Company has appointed Edale UK Management Limited as Facilities Agent to maintain the facilities required of a recognised scheme pursuant to the rules contained in the Collective Investment Schemes Sourcebook published by the FSA as part of the FSA’s Handbook of rules and guidance.

The facilities will be located at the offices of Edale UK Management Limited at 33 Kings Ave, Redhill, Surrey, United Kingdom. At these facilities any person may:

Inspect free of charge a copy in English of:
(a) The Company’s Articles of Incorporation;
(b) Any instrument amending the Company’s Articles of Incorporation; (c)
The latest version of the Prospectus;
(d) The latest key investor information documents of the Company; and
(e) The latest annual and half-­­yearly reports most recently prepared and published by the Company;

Obtain copies of the documents at (c) and (d) above free of charge and of the documents (a), (b) and (e) above at no more than a reasonable charge;

Obtain information in English about the prices of shares in the Company; and

Make a complaint about the operation of the Company, which complaint the Facilities Agent will transmit to the Management Company.

Further, at these facilities any shareholder may redeem or arrange for redemption of shares in the Company and obtain payment.

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