Winner of spare drawer currency giveaway

As part of Edale’s January clean desk policy, we decided to launch a competition and give the notes from our spare drawer to charity. This quiz needed either ingenious inspiration or willingness to solve the puzzle. The winner Matthew opted for a calculator and flexing the grey cells. His nominated charity Tuberous Sclerosis Association receives £617.88.

This was the photo of the notes and currency from our drawer.

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Here is the answer to the notes and value. Total spare change is £617.88.

CurrencyValueCCYFX to £ on 31/12/2018Note value in £NumberTotal Value £
Bank of  Mauritius1000MUR43.726673222.875114.35
Bank of  Mauritius50MUR43.72667321.141618.30
United Arab Emirates50AED4.6861867210.6711117.37
United Arab Emirates10AED4.686186722.133064.02
United Arab Emirates20AED4.686186724.271042.68
United States of America1USD1.276020890.7810.78
Republic of Brazil50BRL4.9521438710.1022222.13
Republic of Brazil10BRL4.952143872.021530.29

On hearing news of the win Matthew said “I enjoyed this puzzle and I’m now really glad that I took the time to do it. ” He has nominated for the money to be paid to a charity that focuses on Tuberous Sclerosis, a rare genetic disease with no known cure.

Each month 10 babies are born in the UK with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex. TSC is a genetic condition that can lead to growths in various organs of the body, but those most commonly affected are the brain, eyes, heart, kidney, skin and lungs. These growths may also be referred to as tumours but they are not cancerous. When they cause problems it is mainly because of their size and where they are in the body.

A good piece of work. A great cause, good charity, timeout for a puzzle and a clean drawer.

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