Accelerate opens to boost businesses

Innovation, digital and lean operations have always been at the heart of Edale. Adopting flexible working practices and improving the way we work has been part of our flair. Now we share tips, tricks and methods to business leaders and builders to start, grow or accelerate their business. 

For anyone that needs skills that will immediately make an impact, Edale is for them.

Edale is focused on business results you need; not signposting.

A few of our unique approach to “accelerate” include:

  • A lean and creative means to develop and gain traction as a start-up.
  • Intensive experience consisting of masterclasses and inspiring case studies.
  • Unlock creativity, create confidence and help to accelerate the organisation.
  • Flexibility to suit entrepreneurs –  provide out of office hours coaching via online conferencing to allow entrepreneurs to work in the business during the day and on the business out of office hours.
  • A wealth of resources and inspiration in the form of accessible expertise.
  • Tactical and strategic advice.


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