Edale the UK’s most popular place to start a walk. Start your investment journey at Edale

Britain’s most popular spot to start a walk is Edale in the Peak District, according to the UK’s map producer Ordnance Survey. Data from the mapping organisation’s digital services found the busiest parts of the country for ramblers. When Edale Group started five years ago we took some of the attractions of the Edale valley in naming the group. Edale has everything for those that are outbound as it is accessible and has good connections. Edale Group prides itself as the pinpoint to start for investment advice.

Below are the reasons we named ourselves Edale when we started out.

A visual history, story, event for Edale.

  • Edale launches with a mission to make investing simple.
  • Regualted as an Appointed Represenative with UK FCA. First clients onboard.
  • First expatriate private clients onboarded and appoint Edale.
  • Incubate new investment team with niche advisory mandate.
  • Spin out an incubated investment concept to a new start-up; bondsmart.
  • Five years old. Expand our services with Edale Accelerate and additional FCA permissions.
  • Get fourth local government mandate for SME advisory.
  • Six year stats for being client facing: travelled 641,538 km, through 85 cities and 27 countries.

Our core services

Financial advice

Personal and workplace financial advice

Investment management

Advising on instiutional investment mandates

SME innovation

Acceleration and innovation for small/medium businesses

Where does the name Edale originate?

Edale is a town and valley located in the centre of England. Edale's name reflects its namesake's strong environment, adept community and innovative forefathers in building a thriving centre of commerce from the ground up.

Called Aidele in the Domesday Book, the first public manuscript completed in 1086 recording most of the settlements in England and parts of Wales, the town has a rich history of successful commercial ventures despite a challenging rocky environment and remote location. Residents of Edale made strategic decisions over the centuries that today make it a magnet for people to visit, escape from the mainstream and location to get good perspectives.

Many businesses start from simple beginnings then the wise ones invest in technology to improve operations and move into new markets or use the skills around them to deliver a better product - like Edale. Foresters and cattle farmers settled the land originally in Edale Valley and created booths for shelter and protection. Agriculture led to manufacturing. The local corn mill built a pond, fed by the rivers and mountains nearby, and purchased looms to weave raw cotton into thread that was supplied to local cities. Packhorse trains of around 50-60 horses delivered the raw cotton. The leading horses wore bells which assisted those following in darkness and fog. Steam replaced water power as the industrial revolution created new manufacturing techniques. The proprietors moved from cotton thread to lace weaving when they saw the value in creating a finer product for the market. Edale's philosophy to invest, improve and use local resources are true in our focus on financial services today.

Edale's millstone logo mirrors the strong gritstone from the valley around Edale and direct relationship the millstone has to the product it produces. These millstones were an integral part of the original Edale Mill to make flour and characteristic of the local area.

Our brand logo

Edale's millstone logo mirrors the strong gritstone from the valley around Edale and direct contact between the millstone and product it produces. These millstones were an integral part of the original Edale Mill to make flour and characteristic of the local area.

The millstone is reflects our work ethic and practice: Accommodating.

Millstones come in pairs, reflecting our role working with the client. The base or bedstone is stationary. Above the bedstone is the turning runner stone which actually does the work.

A millstone may be seen as a basic piece of chiselled stone to the lay eye but it does have science and experience behind the way it operates and is made. What may be a humble circular stone has life to it. Millstones grind from the centre outward with the product dropped in through the open middle hole. The grooves (furrows) and flat area (land) of a millstone pull the product from the centre outward and grind it. Two identical millstones work together sitting in a vat with the top stone a runner and bottom one the bed.

A humble circular stone has life to it

Some people say stone just grinds the flour but a more experienced miller knows that sharp furrows make for more efficient grinding. Millstones need to be evenly balanced, and achieving the correct shape, contact and approach are crucial to producing good quality flour - this is an analogy to Edale and the services and advice we offer to the varied client base.

Edale is characteristic of a miller in we use what appears simple tools with complex processes and continual maintenance to achieve a fine product for our clients.

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