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We have had a huge range of personal finance enquiries; given that we offer free non-obligation advice, we thought it might help visitors to read some anonymised case studies.

Our case studies feature diverse scenarios, including expats living in the UK, Brits overseas, and Americans navigating their finances in the UK. From young professionals starting their financial journey to retirees optimising their savings, and from modest income earners to high-net-worth individuals, each story offers unique insights into managing finances effectively and importantly advice that Edale can provide in these cases.

  • Case Study: How One Individual Maximised Cash Returns by Consolidating Funds

    This case study explores how an individual with substantial cash holdings in various accounts consolidated their funds into one platform to achieve better returns, avoiding the low interest rates and fees associated with traditional bank and stockbroking accounts. To consolidate cash savings into a single platform offering better returns than traditional banks and avoid the…

  • Case Study: Strategic Retirement Planning for a Dual-Income Business Owner

    This case study examines how a business owner effectively took profits from their company while simultaneously saving for retirement through both company contributions and personal contributions from a secondary PAYE job. Personal/Financial Situation: The client is a business owner who also holds a secondary job where they are paid through PAYE. They wanted to take…

  • Case Study: How a US-UK Family Secured Their Children’s Financial Future with ISAs

    This case study explores how a US person, married to a British man and living in the UK, successfully set up ISAs for their children despite initial online reading suggesting it was impossible due to their Children holding US passports. The couple wanted to start saving for their children’s future through ISAs but were previously…

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