Case Study: How a US-UK Family Secured Their Children’s Financial Future with ISAs

This case study explores how a US person, married to a British man and living in the UK, successfully set up ISAs for their children despite initial online reading suggesting it was impossible due to their Children holding US passports.

The couple wanted to start saving for their children’s future through ISAs but were previously advised that it was too difficult due to their children’s US citizenship. They sought a practical solution that offered good value for money.

Challenges: The primary challenge was navigating the complexities of setting up ISAs for children with US citizenship and ensuring the savings plan was cost-effective.

Goals and Objectives


  • Set up ISAs for their children with a manageable monthly contribution.
  • Understand the requirements and regulations for US passport-holding children.
  • Grow the children’s savings significantly by the time they turn 18.
  • Ensure the savings plan remains cost-effective and compliant with all regulations.

Strategy and Plan

Analysis: Provide a detailed explanation of the process for setting up ISAs for children with US passports and the cost implications of various saving schemes.

Plan Development: The financial plan developed focused on:

  • ISA Setup: Establishing child ISAs with a monthly contribution of £100.
  • Cost Management: Ensuring the plan was cost-effective, with Edale’s £5 per month fee for child accounts providing a small fee to grow.
  • Long-Term Growth: Projecting the growth of the savings over 8 to 15 years until the children turn 18.



  • Successfully established ISAs for the children, overcoming initial advice against it.
  • Ensured a cost-effective savings plan with the potential for growth.

Success Factors:

  • Seeking professional advice beyond forum chatter.
  • Consistent and manageable monthly contributions.

Challenges Faced:

  • Initial misinformation about the feasibility of setting up ISAs for US passport holders.
  • Navigating dual citizenship regulations.


Summary: The family successfully set up ISAs for their children with Edale’s help, ensuring long-term financial growth and overcoming initial misinformation about the process.

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