Lockdowns and workouts

On the anniversary of two years of lockdown in the UK here is a view of what we’ve been up to over that time. Work from home, work from office (#WFH) and a bit of work from anywhere. We have now added new offices in London to the existing base in Reigate, Surrey. This seems

A case study on pitching

Insights how a pitch trainer does his pitch for a corporate fintech challenge When teaching how to do pitching it is important also to be an active pitcher yourself. It is not possible to be a trainer on how to pitch if you don’t do that yourselves. Here is a story of how a subsidiary

Financial Response clinics

Edale’s mission is to care for financial assets. Financial planning is often a lower priority for people. We are in spectacular times where financial planning should be front of mind. We’ve opened Financial Response clinics to give anyone free financial checkup on their circumstances. Book any time from 8am to 8pm, any weekday from now