Understanding Offshore Insurance Savings Schemes: Pros and Cons of Unit-Linked Insurance Investment Plans

While unit-linked insurance investment plans offered by offshore insurance savings schemes may have been popular in the past, they have come under scrutiny in recent years for being out of date and offering poor value to investors. One of the main criticisms of these plans is that they are often associated with high fees and

Maximizing Your Return to the UK: Expert Financial Advice for Brits Abroad Returning Home

As a British expat living abroad, returning home can be an exciting prospect. However, returning to the UK after living as a Brit abroad can come with a unique set of financial considerations. As you begin planning your return to the UK, it’s essential to understand the financial implications of your return, especially concerning your

Salam Pax Sukuk Fund registered in France and UK

Salam Pax SICAV announced today the registration in France and the UK of the Serenity Sukuk Sub-Fund. The general public are now able to invest in both the Ethical Funds of Funds and Serenity Sukuk Funds. Salam Pax’s success in building the Ethical Fund of Funds investor base and robust returns has supported the business to strengthen the range of funds and open them to the general public. Salam Pax now comprises two risk profiled strategies that can be blended to match most investors’ risk appetite. The new registrations widen Salam Pax distribution footprint in the European institutional and wholesale markets allowing the fund to accept investments from an broader investor base. 

Sharia compliant portfolio management

Islamic finance is a unique form of investment that is best compared with the values of socially responsible investing. Shari’a-compliant portfolios promote large-scale investment along lines similar to the niche ethical funds available to Western consumers. It is an ethical and equitable mode of finance that derives its principles from Islamic law. The main principles