Investment Strategies Offered by Edale for US Persons

With a growing US client base, we have developed more strategies that, following a discovery and financial planning discussion, we map to individual clients to help them be invested within their aims and objectives. This fully guided process, without a minimum portfolio size, is truly accessible for those from the shop floor to the boardroom.

Here we showcase a range of investment strategies tailored to US persons, emphasising a blend of direct equities across various international markets.

Let us delve into the specifics of these strategies, focusing on how they cater to the needs and risk profiles of investors seeking growth and diversification.

Direct Equity Investments

Edale’s Direct Equity strategy utilizes a rule-based stock selection policy targeting a representative index to construct a balanced portfolio across different sectors. This approach strategically selects the largest stocks from each significant sector based on their market capitalization weight. For instance, in sectors constituting more than 10% of the market cap, the three largest stocks are chosen, ensuring a broad exposure to potentially high-performing segments. This strategy maintains a diversified portfolio with about 19 holdings, balancing risk while aiming for growth​​.

UK Equity Strategy for US/UK Citizens

For those interested in the UK market, Edale’s UK Stock Growth Strategy offers exposure to major UK-listed companies. The portfolio mirrors the MSCI UK Index, targeting dynamic sectors like health care, financials, and consumer staples. This approach aims for long-term growth by investing in a wide array of sectors, reflecting a comprehensive market representation with about 20 holdings. The strategy is suitable for investors prepared for significant market fluctuations and who are in it for a minimum of five years​​.

Japan Equity Strategy for US/UK Citizens

Edale’s Japan Stock Growth Strategy is designed for investors looking to tap into the Japanese market. The strategy leverages the MSCI Japan Index, selecting equities that offer a cross-section of the Japanese economy. Key sectors include consumer discretionary and industrials, with a total of 12 holdings in the portfolio. This method aims to capture growth from large, listed Japanese companies, providing a diversified investment option in Asian markets​​.

Mega Corp Strategy for US/UK Citizens

For those looking to invest in global market leaders, the Mega Corp Stock Growth Strategy focuses on blue-chip companies listed in the Dow Jones Titans Index. This portfolio emphasizes direct exposure to some of the world’s most influential and financially robust corporations, spanning various sectors like information technology and health care. With 18 holdings, the strategy is designed to deliver competitive returns through strategic allocation in large, stable companies​​.

Fixed income options, but it needs portfolios from £10k upwards

Edale also offers a fixed income strategy tailored for investors looking to build a ladder portfolio of bonds, which is particularly suited for those with larger investment portfolios due to a minimum trading requirement of £1000 per bond. This approach involves purchasing bonds with staggered maturities, allowing investors to potentially benefit from a mix of regular income and the flexibility to reinvest as each bond matures. By diversifying the maturity dates, the ladder portfolio strategy helps manage interest rate risk and provide a steady income stream, making it an appealing option for investors with substantial capital who seek a more predictable and stable return on investment over time. This strategy is ideal for investors looking to minimize exposure to the volatility of equity markets while securing a fixed income component in their investment portfolios. We mix bonds from different sectors and issues across the Short-term Tier (0-3 years), Medium-term Tier (4-6 years), Long-term Tier (7-10 years) and Extended-term Tier (11+ years). This provides an income above cash deposits and return of capital on maturity.

Investments do rise and fall, so you may get back less than you invested. There is no guarantee of outcome.

Performance and Risk Management

Edale’s investment strategies are characterised by their historical performance data, which, while illustrative, showcases potential long-term growth and return patterns. However, it’s crucial for investors to understand that past performance is not indicative of future results, and investments can fluctuate widely in value. Each strategy maintains a clear perspective on risk, acknowledging that investments can both rise and fall in value, which necessitates a long-term investment horizon of at least five years.

Edale’s diverse array of strategies for US persons is designed to cater to different market interests and risk tolerances, from domestic to international equities. By employing a methodical, rule-based stock selection process and focusing on long-term growth potential, Edale aims to meet the investment needs of a broad investor base, encouraging strategic diversification and robust portfolio management.

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