Edale gets hands on and hands in

Edale’s business these days is offering advice to businesses as wealth creators and people/institutions as wealth holders. Our work on business advisory and financial planning (including investment advice) grows from our core activity of monitoring, managing and caring for financial assets. Both these areas feed one another, for example, a director of a company wanting advice for their company may also want personal financial advice for their pensions.

In a moment of reflection getting a coffee and looking at the papers on the desk, there are a few projects on the desk covering acceleration business cases, private client financial planning and new product assessments (as well as finalising plans for a business trip). Edale has always had a hands-on approach with subject matter experts as leads, though today writing a proposal that we “give a guiding hand as well as getting our hands dirty” encouraged us to share how we work. We get stuck in either signposting or fixing.

When setting out on our own in Jan 2014 with nothing but an idea and enthusiasm it was fun but equally scary. Five years on its easy to wish you had the fortitude to start earlier but getting an experienced hand to advise at the start, that was not there – one reason we setup Accelerate.  These days we focus on building and running an investment smart, digitally driven and technically savvy businesses with lean operations. This allows us to bring value to customers. We also aim to do this with sustainability and with a conscious – reflecting our developing policies for caring for older and vulnerable clients.

Here is a brief look at some of the things that show our hands-on approach.

  • We have mentored entrepreneurs and taken some into our business, Edale is a host entrepreneur business for Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs. A European Community funded exchange of experience programme where an experienced entrepreneur helps the new entrepreneur from all EU27 countries acquire the skills needed to run a small firm through working in the host entrepreneur business.
  • Edale regularly produces investment documents and lessons from these have had successful funding and investment. In the past three years we have produced materials and investment documents to gain following accolades applied and received SEIS Advanced Approval; completed numerous R&D Tax Claims; wrote the application and pitch deck to win places on three accelerators for Edale linked enterprises.
  • We offer advice through ERDF backed programmes to support financial fitness and grow SMEs. The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) is one of the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF). It aims to strengthen economic and social cohesion in the European Union by reducing regional disparities in terms of income, wealth and opportunities. ERDF has funded numerous initiatives across the UK supporting SMEs.
  • We have financial planning clients in the UK and across the world providing access to suitable investment products or where a special need is identified we shall undertake research to source and validate a solution before advising the client. This has led meant we are approved with international life companies, wrap platforms, stockbroking solution, and mutual fund provider.

One of the reasons we achieve so much is a flat structure with named leads that operate within the business on client-specific mandates. Built around a client lead is a flexible control and operating framework to support the business and ensure the core focus is on the client goal. Edale’s flat organisation structure has less supervision of employees and promotes their increased involvement in the decision-making process which encourages more direct engagement and hand’s on approach.

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