Edale Accelerate + Edale Investments = Whole Solution

Sound financial planning and generating investment returns in a core part of getting the investment household role for our private clients. But the workplace is also a critical part of our client’s life which Edale now embraces with its Accelerate programme. “Accelerate” brings our expertise in business advisory, financial fitness and investment readiness to SMEs. Edale can provide inspiration, ideas, tips and tricks to build a financially fit investment-ready business without a large financial outlay and has first-hand experience running a business.

Getting sharp business advice

Running a successful business is hard work. A good foundation for success requires time to work “in” the business and “on” the business. Edale shares its wise advice and lean working methods to improve business performance, make firm’s financially fit and ready for growth.

Being financially wise

The personal financial journey is often put into the shade. Brits seem to be unlike many nations and find it hard to talk about money. Edale helps people understand their financial position with a clear and household-based analogy to financial planning.

Get the best of both worlds with Edale Accelerate to improve your business and Edale Investments to be financially wise.

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