Edale have transformed my business idea into a model that can be made a reality, they are amazing at what they do!

I went to Lawrie with an idea for a business, which some would say was unrealistic, but Lawrie helped me with a business plan/model to give my idea some perspective and then we went through a financial plan together, crunching all the numbers to see how the business would make a profit.

Before my sessions with Lawrie, I had all the ideas floating around in my head but didn’t have the knowhow to start turning it into a reality which is what Lawrie has helped me do. I now have a strong business and financial plan to work with and can start to get things moving.

Lawrie really has helped me take my business to the next level and I can’t thank him enough, his vast range of knowledge is just amazing and I can’t see any business he wouldn’t be able to help. As well as that he is a really nice guy, I could tell he genuinely cared about me and my business and but all his efforts into helping me succeed.

I would recommend Lawrie and Edale to anyone without a doubt!

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