Expert advice!

I’m teaching overseas and Lawrie gave me great advice on insurances and investments, thank you for all your help.

Excellent! Great advisor.

Lawrie is a great advisor, he has shown us clearly and simply how financial instruments work and what options we have. He has dedicated all the necessary time and has been proactive.

Well worth knowing.

I have known Lawrie for two years and have found him to be confident, honest, diligent and knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.

Thank you

Thank you very much Lawrie for your effective diligence!

First class service

Have only been with Edale for a short while but so far they have been very attentive and demonstrated a clear understanding of my financial planning requirements. Very impressed.

My complications ended when I came across Edale

I worked in Australia for 2 years under the 456 visa. After I left Australia in 2012. I was looking for a way to recover the funds that my former employer debited from my salary to place it in the Australia Superannuation. For almost 5 years I was looking for advice to recover my funds that were in the sunsuper Australian Superannuation. Many times I got myself with many buracratic obstacles, especially trying to recover the funds from abroad. The process to recover the funds through the web page of the Australian tax office and the sunsuper website is very cumbersome and discouraging. My complications ended when I came across with Edale. Under the advice of Edale I was able to recover the funds and deposit them in the bank account of my preference. Edale completed the due diligence in an effective and fast way, helping me to receive the funds in a short time.

Diligent and responsive!

I was visited by Lawrie Chandler in São Paulo, and shortly after I asked for his assistance with regards to a divestment. He guided me through the process and assisted even after I realized that there was some problems with my request. His diligent and responsive handling helped me sort out the situation and made me feel comfortable along the process.