Introduction to Salam Pax Funds

The Salam Pax SICAV contains two Funds we believe can be blended to create individual investment strategies to satisfy most types of investor. The service is ideal for Ethical investors and Muslims seeking an investment option that honours the high morals and principles of Islam. The Funds are advised by a professional team with extensive investment experience and first-hand knowledge of sharia compliant investing. The service also enjoys the support of a highly respected Shari’a Advisory Panel and Independent Board of Directors. The Funds are regulated by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) in Luxembourg and compliant with the popular UCITS rules which allows them to be passported around Europe and available to international investors. The funds are approved by the local regulator in UK, Luxembourg and France.

To manage clients’ wealth successfully a skilful balance of experience, knowledge and adaptability is essential. To achieve a consistent performance and superior returns the Funds follow an active investment approach combining dynamic top-down macro views with a flexible fund/ asset selection process.

The Funds investment philosophy and disciplined investment rationale follows these principles:

  • A high conviction investment approach in well researched and understood investment ideas
  • An active investment approach based on global investment themes
  • Open architecture approach utilising investment experts from across the Islamic financial community
  • A team-based, multi-perspective approach

The Ethical Fund of Funds and Serenity Sukuk Fund: Ethical is designed for investors seeking a total return with an emphasis on capital growth, while Serenity Sukuk is for those seeking income and prepared where necessary to accept a moderate level of risk to achieve it. The funds are available across Europe though a MIFID passport and available for the general public in France and the UK.

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