Fund research utilised for Swiss Life Salam-Epargne & Placement product

Salam-Savings & Investment is a unit-linked life insurance contract. It is backed by the Salam Pax SICAV Ethical funds of funds, a UCITS compliant scheme. Edale’s sharia compliant fund research is being utilised for fund selection and macro research.

Swiss Life was the first insurer in France to expand its range of life insurance contracts by launching Salam, Savings & Investment. This multichannel contract has been developed in accordance with the ethical principles and Islamic finance. For French residents wishing to save in accordance with their faith, the contract allows investment into the Salam Pax Sicav – Ethical Fund of Funds. The ethical fund invests in funds and exchange traded funds that comply with sharia principles.
Key features of Salam Savings & Investment:

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