Financial Response clinics

Edale’s mission is to care for financial assets.

Financial planning is often a lower priority for people. We are in spectacular times where financial planning should be front of mind.

We’ve opened Financial Response clinics to give anyone free financial checkup on their circumstances. Book any time from 8am to 8pm, any weekday from now on. These are for existing clients of Edale and people new to Edale.  Edale’s (virtual) doors are open to anyone wanting a confidential discussion on their financial plan.

What should I do with my investment plan? My adviser cannot be reached.Client emailing Edale

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Frequently asked questions

Who are Edale?
Edale are a regulated financial adviser and investment firm. The business is based in Surrey, UK but support clients across the UK and abroad.
I am an expatriate client can we speak?
Yes, we work with international clients.

What personal financial planning services do you offer?

Transactions without advice
Execution only

Deal fee + account maintenance

Edale as gateway to financial markets

Web tools and product information

Benefit from institutional partnerships

Whole service
For complex financial arrangements, working in partnership with other professional advisers
Wealth management

Variable prices

Complex financial arrangements

Frequent 1:1 contact

Monitoring + adjusting financial plan

Access to the team at any time

Advice on request
For client’s needing appropriate financial planning and have a one-off need for advice with no ongoing service.
On demand

Pay as you go

One-off need for advice

See team via pay-as-you-go model

Advice on specific circumstances

Mandate driven by you

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