Busy entrepreneur? Adept at wearing many hats? Got a financial adviser…ooops

As a busy entrepreneur, you’re adept at wearing many hats: product developer, salesperson, tech troubleshooter, to name a few. However, personal financial security and ensuring a good retirement mean that the finance hat is a particularly tough one to wear. Let a team of skilled professionals handle it for you.

Edale is a financial planning firm with targeted expertise in small businesses. By working with our advisers, you’ll tap into two decades’ worth of combined experience in investments and financial planning so that you can

  • Be coached. We work with clients to uncover their real intent in life and what they really want to achieve. This allows any further financial planning to have a focal point to ensure that our other services meet our clients’ true life goals. This service helps clients
    understand the importance of money in relation to their aspirations.
  • Locate assets suitably. We provide advice on the best way to shelter investments from tax and how best to provide protection for the client’s (or their beneficiaries) assets.
  • Get set. You’ll be better able to monitor your financial situation when Edale helps you to plan, set up, and manage your wealth online. You’ll have a personal plan alongside the business plan. Spend less time tracking your bottom line and more time enhancing it for your business and own financial success.

To discuss how you can bring your company’s director financial care in line with your long-term business objectives and get financially fit personal finances contact Edale.

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