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Answer the questions below to get a view on your risk and return expectations based on your views on risk and attitude to investments.

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    This form has been designed to assist you in ascertaining your tolerance to risk. By working through the questions with your relationship manager you will be able to determine your appetite for risk. This form should only be used as a tool to help you make the right investment choice. You may choose to ignore the questionnaire and select a portfolio based on your own opinion but you will be responsible for this choice and we cannot be held liable for suitability or appropriateness of the investments held in such a situation.

    Investors may also find that they have different risk and return appetites for differing investment goals and where this could be the case it may be helpful to complete the questionnaire for each of your investment goals.

    For how many years have you invested in investment products other than banks savings/deposit accounts?
    Never, new to investingLast one year only2-5 years5+ years10+ years

    How do you consider your investment knowledge level?
    Experienced: I have/had previous experience in Derivatives, Swaps, Futures and Options, Emerging Market Equities, Direct Equity etc.Moderately High: I have/had previous experience in Corporate Bonds, LIBOR Linked Notes/ Structured Notes.Moderate: I have/had previous experience of Mutual Funds, Property Funds, Investment Trusts, Direct Property Investments etc.Limited: I have/had previous experience in Sovereign Bonds, Capital Guaranteed funds (Fixed Income and Equity based) etc.Low: I have/had previous and current experience with bank deposits and savings accounts, fixed term deposits.

    What do you consider to be the length of your investment time horizon?
    <3 years3-5 years5-10 years10 years+

    What levels of financial loss could you tolerate over the short term? (1 year)
    NoneUp to 5%Up to 10%Up to 20%More than 20%

    How would you react if return on your investment were negative or below your expectations?
    I would redeem full value of my investmentI would partially redeem my investmentI would wait until my investment recoveredI would add to my investment to take advantage of the lower price

    How would you generally categorise your investment risk outlook?
    I do not want to risk my capital or have negative returnsI do not want to risk my capital but am willing to accept fluctuations on my returnsI can accept some risk on my capital and fluctuations on my returnsI can accept reasonable levels of risk on my capital as well as my returns


    How would you anticipate your income changing over the next few years?
    Steadily growFairly level and consistentWidely fluctuateDownwards trendMay cease altogether

    How would you describe your financial cushion you have available in order to meet unexpected needs or emergencies?
    More than adequate. I have plenty of cash in readily accessible assets - savings accounts/money market funds.Adequate. I have a reasonable amount available, so I should have most eventualities covered.Borderline. I have modest amount of cash readily available, but I may need to dip into my investments in an emergency.Inadequate. My reserves are insufficient at the present time should unexpected needs arise.

    How much regular income, if any, do you require during the investment period from your investments?
    None, I will take it back at the end as it growsI will take the generated amountA moderate amountMaximum amount

    Of your current income, what percentage is used to cover your cash obligations such as loans, mortgages, advances and living expenses?
    Less than 25%From 25% to 50%More than 50%More than 75%

    Total risk appetite score

    Total liquidity score

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