Retired and later life financial planning

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Later financial planning

Make sure your finances keep pace in your retirement years

Life expectancy is increasing by 2.5 years every decade.

After a working life accumulating your pension and savings, you’ll want to make sure your money provides for you later in life.

Edale can talk you through all the options available to you.

At retirement planning

There are a numerous options available to enable your pension to provide for you in your retirement years. The tax you will pay will vary depending on the route that you feel is best to take.

Removal of the compulsory requirement to purchase an annuity (agreement to pay an income for life) with your pension means freedom. There are many other options to consider and each has benefits depending on your finances, needs, well-being and plans. We can help you gain a better understanding of all the options available. Helping to advise what best fits with your retirement plans.

It’s personal

Every client is unique. Every person has their own aims and ambitions. Their own plans for retirement.

We help to advise your wealth, guide your financial affairs and ensure financial security.

We are members of Society of Later Life Advisers (SOLLA) and have procedures for care and wellness of older and vulnerable clients.

Contact us on any method below to speak about your needs.


Financial planning we can offer at retirement and later life

Transactions without advice
Execution only

Deal fee + account maintenance

Edale as gateway to financial markets

Web tools and product information

Benefit from institutional partnerships

Whole service
For complex financial arrangements, working in partnership with other professional advisers
Wealth management

Variable prices

Complex financial arrangements

Frequent 1:1 contact

Monitoring + adjusting financial plan

Access to the team at any time

Advice on request
For client’s needing appropriate financial planning and have a one-off need for advice with no ongoing service.
On demand

Pay as you go

One-off need for advice

See team via pay-as-you-go model

Advice on specific circumstances

Mandate driven by you

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