Letter of appointment

This digital form allows for the appoint of a new adviser. Complete the form and a signed letter will be provided to you and your adviser.

If joint holders complete the form together at the same time. This form is mobile optimised for use with smartphones and also desktops.

    Letter of authority to appoint a new adviser

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    Joint holder full name

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    Please accept this instruction as my/our authority to transfer the administration and servicing of all my/our policies to my/our Investment Advisers at:

    Edale UK Management Limited, 15 Bell Street, Reigate, RH2 7AD, UK
    020 799 35 360

    Financial Conduct Authority FRN

    Adviser name

    Please comply with this request and supply Edale UK Management Limited with any information or copies of documentation they may require.


    Signature of joint holder

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