Edale to join growth accelerator Aug 2016

Edale recently completed competitive interviews and has won a place to join a growth accelerator to help us nurture international growth and sustainable development in our existing markets. We thought it worthwhile to write how we feel we shall benefit from this as a business, improve our client service and grow into new markets.

We have lots of ideas and shall boil these down to a few nuggets in the coming months.

What is a growth accelerator? They help a business get to the heart of the barriers that are holding business back and work alongside executives to identify the critical steps needed to achieve the next phase of growth – rapidly and sustainably. An accelerator provides services to support a business to grow including advice to build a successful growth strategy, discover new routes to funding and investment, unlocking the business leaders capacity for innovation and harnessing the power of employees.

Our vision, which we can enhance and develop with the support of the accelerator, is to grow an international financial services business across 10-15 markets delivering high quality investment products to clients with unmet needs.

We have always been passionate about our clients and products, though advice and mentoring can give a guiding hand and new mindset to do things differently and better.

The business’s focus has been to build quality financial products in unserved markets or improve existing markets that show deficiencies. The steady growth of the business has been achieved by solving clients’ problems in an easily accessible way and a focus on being outwardly facing.
Through the accelerator we shall gain access to financial support, premises with fellow growth businesses, mentoring and access to networks. With the accelerator backed by a big four accounting firm and major high street UK bank we foresee “big business advice” in our day-to-day operation.
This is a great resource we feel will improve our entrepreneurial mindset and business execution for the benefit of clients, stakeholders and shareholders.

The six-month incubation starting in August 2016 and potential for further twelve month nesting are amongst a wide range of services we shall be looking to access and support the business’s growth and deliver our vision. We look forward to an exciting few months ahead and valuable time within the accelerator.

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