Sharia-compliant investment and islamic financial Advice

Sharia-compliant investments are governed by Islamic law, offering an ethical alternative for Muslim investors in the UK. These investments align with Islamic principles, excluding sectors such as alcohol, pork, pornography, gambling, and weapons, ensuring ethical and responsible investment choices.

We can work directly with clients or in partnership with professionals involved in their finances.

With a background in institutional investment management, we bring retail clients a flexible solution with no minimum portfolio size.

Our Approach

We collaborate with specialist Sharia-compliant fund managers and building Islamic portfolios who follow a rigorous process to ensure all investments adhere to Sharia principles. This includes extensive research, one-on-one meetings with fund managers, and detailed analysis of the fund’s investment process, portfolio positioning, and performance.

Investment Options

Our Sharia-compliant investment portfolios are designed to meet a variety of financial goals while adhering to Islamic principles.

Types of Investments

  • Sharia Equities
  • Sukuk Bonds
  • Sharia-approved Commodities
  • Cash
  • Companies Providing Islamic Financial Services


  • Government Debt
  • Interest-related Services
  • Companies Involved in Alcohol, Tobacco, Pornography, Gambling, Pork, Weapons

Our Sharia-Compliant Investment Solutions

We offer a range of portfolios tailored to different risk appetites and investment goals:

Portfolio Options

  • Defensive: Modest returns higher than cash, with consistent though constrained capital growth.
  • Cautious: Modest capital growth higher than bond-based returns with a cautious strategy.
  • Balanced: Medium to long-term capital growth, withstanding short-term fluctuations.
  • Growth: Higher capital growth over the medium to long-term with a dynamic strategy.
  • Adventurous: Strong long-term capital growth, with frequent and higher volatility.

Before recommending any solution, our advisers assess your risk tolerance through a questionnaire to ensure the chosen portfolio aligns with your investment objectives and risk profile.

How to Get Started

Invest directly or via an ISA, Junior ISA, Pension, Trust, or Bond. Our advisers are ready to help you choose the most suitable Sharia-compliant investment portfolio.

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