Suspended fund monitor

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Suspended fund monitor

[spacer height="10px"]This resource is designed to provide updates to investors that may not receive updates from funds they may hold in offshore bonds, QROPS, QNUPS.

Edale has never advised a client to buy these funds. As we work in the international field we want to help orphan clients or those not getting any updates with details of holdings they may possibly hold.

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Kijani Commodity Fund

The Kijani Commodity Fund is the largest cell within Brighton SPC, a Cayman Islands based fund investingh in commodity trading arbitrage. It was seized by Cayman authorities for an inability to verify its assets in June 2015.

New Earth Recycling and Renewables

The New Earth Group Funds aimed to make gains from landfill diversion and renewable energy. There were three feeders New Earth Recycling and Renewables (Infrastructure) plc, The Premier Investment Opportunities Fund Protected Cell Company Plc and The Eclipse Investment Fund Protected Cell Company plc.

Axiom Legal Financing Fund

The Axiom Legal Financing Fund lent money to ‘no win no fee’ law firms to fund cases in the hope of higher returns when their cases were successful. It was suspended in 2012.

Montreux Natural Resources Fund

Montreux Natural Resources Fund paused trading back in August 2015 when it failed to make monthly payments. It again closed in 2018 due to a liquidity crunch on its top 2 holdings.

Options if you are invested in these funds

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  • If held in a portfolio bond consider surrendering the bond (if charges for closing are not too heavy) as you will retain a beneficial interest if there is a payout and avoid additional fees from a wrapper.
  • Most portfolio bond holders are likely to have used one of these firm's wrappers: Generali Worldwide (now Utmost Worldwide), Old Mutual International, Friends Provident International, RL360, Hansard International and a few others.
  • Did you get advice from a UK regulated firm then you could be eligible to claim with the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) and receive compensation.

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